Fintech Solutions

iAsia Online Systems Limited
(Incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with limited liability)

iAsia Online Systems Limited ("iAsia") is a leading financial software developer. It is run by a team of IT experts experienced and capable of offering state-of-the-art trading solutions for the highly sophisticated financial sectors in the Greater China region. It supplies flexible and cost-effective applications, ranging from online trading, front-end trading and back-office settlement systems for various financial products to retail solutions. Both the product quality and customer services have earned iAsia a reputation in the demanding financial industry and have established iAsia as a well respected vendor.

iAsia is a market leader in the financial applications industry, both in terms of the number of institutional clients and its wide spectrum of products. It serves over 60 clients in the financial industry. It is one of the few vendors capable of offering one-stop solutions to any premier financial institution. iAsia was a pioneer in providing end-to-end Straight-Through financial trading solutions, and continues to be extremely innovative in developing new products to satisfy the needs of the market. Utilizing the expertise and know-how in financial applications, iAsia further expanded its product line into OTC trading and global trading applications with an aim to diversify into other areas with growing business opportunities.

iAsia is not only an enterprise applications solution provider and consultant, it also provides comprehensive solutions and first-class support for modern enterprises encompassing financial institutions and local and overseas corporate banks.

iAsia focuses on providing integrated solutions of quality standard to promote project implementation success so that all our clients will enjoy the benefits of technology. We believe that our core business is catering for change in an era where 'time-to-market' and costs do matter.

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